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It is the policy of Management to ensure that the quality requirements of the company is to meet all out customer's needs and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality System.

quality assured

We will maintain a quality management system inline to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9000 standard.

It is our goal to manufacture quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

To this end, we believe that:

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee and must never be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality.
  • We must listen to our employees, customer and suppliers and act upon their input in a continual process of improvement to achieve excellence in our products and services.
  • It is only through this vigilance that we will improve quality, maximise profitability, and enhance our competitive position.
  • We recognise that excellence is only achieved by doing both the large and small tasks well.

All employees are empowered to act on these principles of continuous process improvement and take whatever steps are necessary to satisfy our customers through their implementation.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Department to monitor and direct the quality related activities of the Company. It is understood that in order to honour this commitment, overall responsibility for Quality must rest with all employees, and our technical expertise is available to all our customers and suppliers.

The person with overall responsibility for all Quality related matters is the Quality Manager.

The Bignall Group meets the exacting quality standards of blue chip oem worldwide manufacturers.

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